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Canadian Business reported a finding in their November 2015 issue regarding a study by psychologist Gerald Olivero. It showed that people who attended a 3 day management training program experienced a 22.4 percent increase in productivity. In contrast, one on one coaching hiked productivity by 88 percent.

Through a series of thought-provoking and creative sessions, Andrea challenged me to make decisions that align with my values. My outlook and perspective have dramatically changed for the better. I’m very grateful for the partnership and support of a coach who has challenged, encouraged and walked alongside me as I pursue growth goals to enable me contribute, achieve and accomplish goals that are aligned with who I truly am.

Paskwa Mutunga

At a recent department meeting, my direct report publicly acknowledged that he appreciates my supportive management style. In a few months I’ve gone from feeling disconnected from my team and avoiding difficult conversations to understanding my direct reports and working together towards the success of the organization.

Accounting Manager