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Personal Branding Bootcamp: 
How to create opportunities by just being YOU!   
What if people and opportunities came to you? What if your reputation entered the room before you did? What if people were vying to have you on their team? 
You need to build your personal brand, you need to advocate for yourself, you need to tell the world what you have to offer. But how do you do it? How do you know what to say?

Have you ever been tongue tied when someone asks you the question 'What do you do'?

Have you ever thought: 
  • ​I want other people to advocate for me, I just don't know how to get them on board.  
  • ​I've been working so hard and nobody seems to notice. 
  • ​I have all of this experience and nobody seems to care. 
  • ​I'm really good at what I do, but I don't fit the mold, and I don't look like everybody else. 
  • ​I hate networking because it's awkward and I just don't know what to say. 
  • ​It seems like all of the opportunities are going to other people even though I'm more qualified than they are. 
You've rehearsed the elevator pitch a million times, and networking is still awkward. You're working as hard as you can, giving it your all. 
But Nobody seems to notice you. 
You don't seem to fit the mold. 
You're just as good as everyone else that you work with, but the same type of people keep getting promoted. You try to be more like them, but it's a lot of work, and you start to lose your confidence. 
playing the politics at work is exhausting. you feel like you want to give up all together. 
The harder you work, the more frustrated you get. Nobody seems to pay attention to you. The harder you try to fit in, the harder it is to get ahead. It feels like you don't belong and it looks so much easier for everyone else. 
When i started coaching, I spent all my energy focusing on what i lacked. i tried to be someone I wasn't.  my confidence was almost non existent. 
When I went to Executive Coaching School, I was different than everybody else in my class. Most people either had an HR background, or they were retired executives looking for something to occupy their time. A former marketing manager with 3 little kids - there was no one else like me. 
After two years of having doors slammed in my face, I discovered the secret to personal branding...

...just being myself, was what it took to attract the opportunities I wanted. It took almost two years of not being myself to realize this and I don't want anyone else to have to wait this long. 

I'm on a mission to help people like you embrace their personal brand and attract the opportunities they deserve. 
after 2 years of struggling, i used the systems that corporate brands have been using for decades to define my brand. when i started leveraging what i brought to the table, when i embraced all of my experience. that's when i started to attract the opportunities that i wanted. 
i'm andrea janzen, a former corporate marketing manager turned leadership coach and diversity consultant
Looking outside of myself and trying to copy what everyone else was doing wasn't getting me ahead. Only when I realized that I had to be honest with myself, own all of my experience and all of my accomplishments did I start to experience success.   

I took the consumer research and brand building process that had been ingrained in me after 15 years in corporate marketing and I applied it to myself. I got someone to interview my favourite clients, my old direct reports that liked working with me, former bosses who believed in my potential. I realized that the things that made people want to work with me, was simply me being me. My enthusiasm, my energy, my ability to see the big picture, my ability to link the human side of the business to the bottom line. In my desire to fit into this industry, I was hiding who I really was. The truth was that I needed to bring my whole self to the table. 
Andrea has been featured in...
imagine what life would be like if
you were offered the opportunities you've been dreaming of and all you had to do was be yourself? 
Imagine wHAt it would be like if you brought your whole self to work? 
what other opportunities can you see for yourself? 
if you aren't already crystal clear about what you bring to the table, the best time to figure it out is right now...
It took me two years of trying to be somebody else, before I started to really embrace my personal brand. This process will get you started in 6 weeks. 
When I wasn't confident in who I was and what I was able to deliver, I left a lot of money on the table. I want you to be able to leverage your skillset right now to get that promotion, land that new client and reap the financial rewards. 
When I was trying to be like everybody else, I was stuck in a sea of competition. When I started just being me, the competition wasn't as relevant. I became the only person for the job. 
An investment in your brand is an investment in your reputation.
Leveraging everything you have to offer will open doors for you professionally. 
Your reputation will precede you
When you leverage your personal brand, your reputation gets bigger than you. People will know about you before you even enter a room. 
Instead of digging for feedback you'll Know exactly what you need to project
We'll focus on what people love about you becasue that's what you want to project. Big brands have been doing this for years because it works. Now you can too. 
you'll know what to say to anybody
You'll know what to say at networking events, to potential employers, to potential clients, to decision makers in your organiztion and your industry. 
when you embrace your personal brand, opportunities will come to you, you'll get value financially, people will want to work with you, doors will open, and you'll stand out, you will stop stressing about your competition because they will become irrelevant. 
Personal Branding Bootcamp

A process to help you recognize what you bring to the table, leverage all of your experience and show up confidently as yourself. 
In one month you will go from feeling unsure of what you stand for to being crystal clear on what you bring to the table and how to leverage it to get ahead. 
WHAT's included...
4 coaching videos
Walking you through each step of the process exploring internal and external insights about what you bring to the table. 

brand platform creation
Using the tried and true methodology of big corporate brands, we will design a brand platform exclusively for you.

360 survey feedback
We will reach out to your co-workers, direct reports, managers, and clients to gather feedback and to understand what they love about working with you! These insights will become the foundation of your personal brand. 
a video summary of your feedback
A personal video summarizing the insights from your survey results. You can use these to take action to move yourself forward. 
curated articles
Evidence based articles that explain why personal branding is important and how you can leverage it to move your career forward. 
Ongoing Feedback 
You will receive ongoing feedback via email and video as you create your brand platform. 

you'll receive actionable insights from people who already know and love your personal brand.  
join NOW and you will get these bonuses!  
Custom artwork by Jill Jackson of Jill+Jack Paper 
After your brand platform is completed, Jill Jackson will create a personalized visual for you. This will serve as a visual reminder of what you stand for and what you have to offer this world. You can frame it in your office, use it as your computer wallpaper, or share it on social media. It's really to easy to go back and compare yourself to others, this piece of art is your daily reminder to just be you!  
1:1 Coaching to secure your action plan 
Every time I create a new program, I want to ensure my clients are 100% satisfied before things are wrapped up. This 1:1 session will help you to get over any roadblocks, get additional personalized feedback on your brand platform and create an action plan so that you can start sharing your personal brand with the world.  
i believe in this program so much, that i am happy to offer a money back  guarantee
if you are not 100% satisfied.
I am confident in this model, and I believe 100% that it can work for you. If you can demonstrate that you have done all of the work, and you feel like you received no value, I will happily offer you a refund within 30 days of purchase. 
Personal branding bootcamp
$997 CAD
4 Coaching Videos
Brand Platform Creation
Survey and Insight Summary
Video Feedback
Curated Articles
Ongoing Feedback
BONUS: Custom Artwork
BONUS: 1:1 Coaching
$997 CAD
You will get the confidence to advocate for yourself and get the opportunities you deserve. You'll get tangible feedback from people you work with and a beautiful custom art piece to remind you to just be you! 
happy clients
‘I never thought of myself as a leader until now. When I watched my feedback video, I almost cried. I can’t believe people said that I help them to feel motivated every day. I’ve started to work towards the goal of getting an official management position.’
- Christine, Project manager construction industry

I asked for a promotion and got it.
- Jaclyn Tomlinson, pcl construction

‘I got 2 job offers! I turned one down because it didn’t fit with my core values. I told this to the company and my email got passed on to the president and now he wants to meet me for lunch and stay in touch!’ 
- evan, director aerospace industry
This experience and the return on my investment was truly a gift and the tangible takeaways have included multiple job offers and invitations to join two major projects in my industry that will in turn bring more opportunities for advancing my career.
- eva martinez

People are using the skills that they already have to get the opportunities they want.  
All of your experience, everything you've done so far has made you who you are today. Once you are able to articulate this, you'll feel more confident, doors will open and opportunities will arise. 
Madelaine is feeling more confident and is attracting higher end clients after participating in personal branding bootcamp.
 this is your chance to really invest in yourself.  
Personal branding bootcamp
$997 CAD
4 Coaching Videos
Brand Platform Creation
Survey and Insight Summary
Video Feedback
Curated Articles
Ongoing Feedback
Custom Artwork
1:1 Coaching
$997 CAD
personal branding bootcamp
You will get the confidence to advocate for yourself and get the opportunities you deserve. You'll get tangible feedback from people you work with and a beautiful custom art piece to remind you to just be you! 
I work for a big corporation, can I still have a personal brand? 
YES! We can customize your survey questions to get feedback on how your personal brand fits within the corporate culture. This will help you to align yourself with the corporate values and also stand out from the sea of similarity. 
I'm an entrepreneur, does this make sense for me? 

YES! We will gather feedback from your favourite customers, and then amplify it so that everybody else can see how amazing you are. It's like having a custom marketing plan for yourself. 
I've already gotten feedback through a 360 assessment. Is this a duplication? 
We will start with this feedback first. Then we will look for gaps and create a custom survey to fill in the gaps and gather more feedback about you. We can also use your survey to test possible brand elements. 
I've already done coaching with Andrea is this program still valuable? 
YES! This program will go even deeper and will focus on what you need to say, who you need to say it to and how to show up everyday and advocate for yourself. It's specifically for people who are ready to put themselves out there and get recognition. 
How do I decide who to get feedback from? 

We have developed selection criteria to make sure you choose the right people to give you feedback, this will be included in the coaching videos and we can cover this in your 1:1 sessions if you need more direction. 
Can you do this exercise for my whole team at work? 

YES! Contact me individually and we can discuss doing a group personal branding bootcamp at your organization. 
this is your chance to truly embrace who you are and leverage it to get ahead. if you are not happy with the results, i offer a money back guarantee. 
this is your chance to sign up for personal branding bootcamp and really make an investment in yourself. .
Personal branding bootcamp
4 Coaching Videos
Brand Platform Creation
Survey and Insight Summary
Video Feedback
Curated Articles
Ongoing Feedback
Custom Artwork
1:1 Coaching
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