Are you ready to feel more confident?

Do you want to play bigger in your career?

Are you tired of waiting around for things to change?

Re-ignite your Ambition: For women who want to recognize their ambition and strive for more in their careers.

In this 6 week online program we will:

  • Unpack what drives our ambition and find ways to fuel it
  • Explore what holds us back
  • Develop strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Create a network of women that will last beyond the length of this course

There is an opportunity for women to step up and close the gender gap

Diversity and gender equality is important and we’ve got a lot of work to do. In North America, women and men are almost equally represented in the workforce, but at all levels of leadership, there are significantly more men than women (World Economic Forum 2017 Gender Gap Report).

Everybody seems to be talking about this but when it comes down to doing something about it it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity. What should we do first? Who is supposed to take this on? Can I have an impact?

Talking about the gender leadership gap is good, but doing something about it is even better. That’s why I designed this program. I want every woman to be able to recognize her ambition and have the confidence to do something about it. To have a fulfilling career and step into leadership if that’s what she wants.  

The current application period for the fall 2018 period is now closed. 

The next course will be offered in January of 2018.


How does the program work?

Re-ignite your Ambition is a an online group coaching program with 6 weekly modules that includes:

  • Easy to follow videos
  • Worksheets to to help you get clear on what drives your ambition and what gets in the way
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls for extra support and accountability to implement your action plan. These will be recorded if you aren’t able to make them live. Wednesdays at 12:00PM EST.
  • A private slack messaging channel where we unpack the content together and share successes with the other women in the program.

Each week you will receive an email that outlines the work for the week. You should set aside 2-3 hours per week to get the most out of the program.

BONUS: 2 Private Coaching sessions with Andrea

The first 10 participants in this brand new program will receive two 1:1 sessions with Andrea. You can use these session to build on the momentum you’ll gain from the group program. I want to make sure that you are not just talking about what you learned, but are taking action to move forward and follow your ambition.


Week 1 Ambition:

Together we will unpack what drives your ambition. You will start to understand that what you are striving for might be different from other people. You will set goals and together we will make sure that they are aligned with what is important to you so that you are fueling your ambition.

Week 2: Getting out of the grind

The grind is that feeling of never ending to do lists, where there is no time to do anything else, let alone strive for more professionally. Together we’ll explore what keeps you in the grind and you will develop strategies to get out of the grind. We will start to identify opportunities so you are ready to take action when they present themselves.

Week 3: Self Doubt and the inner critic

That voice in your head that says you aren’t ready, you need more experience, your idea’s not good enough. If we listened to our inner critic ideas would not be shared, we wouldn’t take risks and we wouldn’t move forward.  Together we’ll start to unpack this complicated topic. You will start to notice how self doubt and your inner critic holds you back. You will design strategies to overcome this so you can take on opportunities with confidence.

Week 4: Self-care and self compassion

Did you know that taking care of yourself has been proven to increase productivity and happiness at work and at home? Together we will unpack the benefits of mindfulness, eating properly and taking time for yourself. You will develop strategies to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, to be more present and thrive at work, home and play.

Week 5: Influence

We will learn the difference between mentorship and sponsorship. We will start to unpack the idea of politics and you will identify advocates inside and outside of your organization. You will design strategies to leverage your influence to get results to build your career and benefit your organization. After this module you will realize that you are more influential than you think.

Week 6: Celebrating your accomplishments

Did you know that acknowledging your current success sets you up for even more success? The program ends with a recap and celebration of what we’ve learned and what each participant has accomplished. You will develop strategies to continue the momentum that you’ve built during this program.

This program is a good fit if you:   

  • Want to strive for more in your career
  • Are ready to stop playing small
  • Are looking for more fulfillment 
  • Are willing to invest in yourself

The content really got you thinking and gave you valuable action items that you can apply in your daily life.


Women in Aerospace

Andrea – your bias for action has helped many women rediscover their passions and reignite their
ambitions! Thank you!

Eva, Vice President

Aerospace Industry

I attended one of Andrea’s sessions at a conference. Her room was filled to the brim with attendees standing and sitting on the floor. She left me with some great tips and some self reflection that I’m still thinking about. Her topic had a great impact!

Catherine, Conference Attendee

Groundbreaking Women in Construction