The program starts on April 20, 2020.
Re-ignite your ambition 
For women who want to recognize their ambition and strive for more. 
The gender gap is going to close in 167 years... 
Why is progress so slow? 
Are you wondering why there are so few women in senior leadership positions? 

Are you tired of waiting around for things to change?

For years, women have been told to step up and close the gender gap. 

In reality, the gender gap is not a women's issue, it's a cultural issue. If we really want things to change we need to do things differently. 
The gender gap in Canada is 25%, in the US it is 22%.  
That means, women make less money and are less likely to obtain a leadership position. 
In 12 years, the gap has closed by 1.8% in Canada and by 2.3% in the US. If progress is not accelerated, it will take 167 years for the gender gap to close. 

Everybody seems to be talking about this, but when it's time to start doing something, everybody gets overwhelmed. What should be done first? Who's job is it to take this on? 

It doesn't matter if I tell her to go after her dreams, or that she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up. The truth is that gender equality in the workplace will not exist in her lifetime. If things don't change, my sons will have more career success than my daughter. 
I know it can feel like an impossible situation and that you cannot possibly have an impact.  
I used to think that if I just leaned in a little more, if I just worked harder, my career would not be held back because of the gender gap.   

Then I realized that the gender gap is actually a cultural issue. The more I searched for a solution, the more I learned that we were taking the wrong approach. It's not up to women to solve this problem. If we truly want to experience equality both genders need to be on board. 

My mission is to engage both men and women to be diversity champions. To take action to close the gender gap. Because gender equality makes the workplace better for everybody. 
Trying to change women, isn't really working. 
The numbers don't lie, putting the onus on women does not get results. 
You don't seem to fit the mold. 
You're just as good as everyone else that you work with, but the same type of people keep getting promoted. You try to be more like them, but it's a lot of work, and you start to lose your confidence. 
playing the politics at work is exhausting.
They say it's all about who you know, but you have no idea how decisions are made and how to get yourself included. You're not the kind of person to suck up to the boss, so you avoid it all together. 
Your hard work isn't getting recognized
You're working late, you're doing your best but no one seems to notice. You're not getting recognized for what you're contributing. You've told your boss and HR that you're ready for the next level, but nothing seems to be moving forward.  
When I first got started, I created a women’s leadership program. 

I got some clients and my business started to take off. I also got some speaking engagements. In one case, I was the moderator of a panel discussion. On this panel, was Dr. Alyson Byrne — she is a professor that studies gender and leadership. Her work has even been published in Harvard Business Review. 

Her role on this panel: To explain what the evidence says about the gender gap in the workplace. Something interesting happened during this panel discussion as Dr. Byrne was talking about the latest evidence. 

I realized that I had it all wrong, my leadership coaching program focused 100% on women wasn’t actually going to change anything, and the numbers proved it. The truth, which I learned on that day is: if we truly want to create equality in the workplace we need to change workplace culture. 

That means that I needed to step up and start educating my clients on how to to get men on board. I needed to show my clients how to leverage their influence to get ahead, how to embrace sponsorship and to use their influence to change workplace culture. 

And, it worked! My clients found sponsors, they got promoted and they got men involved in the conversation in their organizations. 

Sponsorship also worked for me. When I started engaging senior male leaders, things happened faster, I got bigger corporate clients, and they connected me with other potential clients. Embracing the politics instead of avoiding them was a game changer for me. 
i'm andrea janzen, a former corporate marketing manager turned leadership coach and diversity consultant
I’m a pretty ambitious person! 

I started my career climbing the corporate ladder, I got an MBA and when I felt ready for a promotion I went out and got it. Either by asking my current company or going and finding it at another one. 

Fast forward a couple years, marriage, kids and a great opportunity for my husband to relocate for a new job and things changed. 

I wasn't fulfilled and this career that I had spent so much time building was going nowhere. 

I'm frustrated by the gender gap. But.... I see it as an opportunity, for organizations to better leverage their talent, to have diverse teams and to embrace diversity.
I work with people and organizations to get more women into leadership. I help create diversity champions of both genders because gender equality isn't just good for women, it's for good for everyone. 

Andrea has been featured in...
When you look at gender diversity in the workplace as a cultural issue, Women are able to get men on board, and both genders can work towards equality.  
Imagine what it would be like if everyone was a diversity champion? 
what other opportunities can you see? 
unfortunately women have been given the wrong advice for many years. we've been told to work hard and get a mentor. this alone isn't enough to get ahead. 
The truth is, women and men are mentored differently. Women are given advice, and men are given opportunities. When you are given opportunities it's actually called sponsorship. When you embrace this concept you'll have someone in your corner opening doors and creating opportunities for you. 
Most leadership training courses, don't include the subject of politics, sponsorship and leveraging relationships. These are the things that get you ahead, but nobody really talks about them at work. 
When you're able to see the big picture, when you understand the cultural barriers, you are able to be strategic. It's less frustrating and you can develop a plan to move forward. It makes the game so much easier. 
An investment in yourself is an investment in your potential.
Leveraging everything you have to offer will open doors for you professionally. 
You can take ownership of your career 
When know what you have to offer and where you are going, it's easier to make it happen. You can create opportunities and develop a plan to make them happen. 
you can leverage your influence
You already have so much to offer. When you leverage your influence your impact is so much larger because you're able to get others on board. 
you'll become a role model for otherS. 
The best way to encourage other women to be more ambitious is to be more ambitious yourself. 
when you embrace your ambition you are doing your part to make the workplace better for the next generation of women. 
Re-Ignite Your Ambition
This program will walk you through how to engage decision makers in your organization to make the workplace better for women. It will also help you to move forward with your own career. 
WHAT's included...
Week 1: Ambition

You will unpack what drives your ambition. You will start to understand the cultural systemic barriers that lead to the gender ambition gap. You will set goals and start to identify advocates to help you drive your ambition forward.

Week 2: Getting out of the grind
The grind is that feeling of never ending to do lists, where there is no time to do anything else, let alone strive for more professionally. You will start to understand what keeps you in the grind and you will develop strategies to get out of the grind. 
Week 3: the Inner Critic 
That voice in your head that says you aren’t ready, you need more experience, your idea isn't good enough. We’ll start to unpack this complicated topic. You will start to notice how self-doubt holds you back. You will design strategies to overcome this so you can tackle opportunities with confidence.
Week 4: Self Care and compassion 
Did you know that taking care of yourself has been proven to increase productivity and happiness at work and at home? You will develop strategies to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, to be more present and thrive at work, home and play.

Week 5: Influence and Sponsorship 
We will learn the difference between mentorship and sponsorship. We will start to unpack the idea of politics and you will identify advocates inside and outside of your organization. You will design strategies to leverage your influence to get results to build your career and benefit your organization. After this module you will realize that you are more influential than you think.
Week 6: Networking  
We will develop practical strategies for networking within your organization and outside of your organization. We will explore the differences between networking with men and networking with women. You will design a plan to leverage relationships so that they can move your career and your organization forward.

Week 7: the evidence 
Gender equality is a hot topic these days, and there is a lot of information and advice out there. This week, we are going to focus on what the evidence says. We are going to be looking at academic studies and uncovering insights that you can apply to your career and your organization. 

Week 8: celebrating
Did you know that acknowledging your current success sets you up for even more success? The program ends with a recap and celebration of what we’ve learned and what each participant has accomplished. You will develop strategies to continue the momentum that you’ve built during this program.
Ongoing community
A private group discussion forum where we unpack the content together and share successes.

Evidence based articles 
These articles will showcase the latest evidence on gender and leadership. These will explain:
- The reasons why men rise to leadership at a faster rate than women.
- How gender stereotypes show up at work and what the impact is on both genders.
- The reasons why women's mentorship programs don't work, and how to embrace the concept of sponsorship (because sponsorship actually works).
- The importance of having both genders on board. 
spiral bound workbook and journal
This workbook contains all of the worksheets that accompany each video module. They will guide you to tangible action steps that you can take to move your career forward and create strategies that you can use in your organization to get both genders on board with closing the gender gap.
weekly live coaching calls 
Weekly group coaching calls for extra support and accountability to implement your action plan. These will be recorded if you aren’t able to make them live. Choose which time is convenient for you Wednesdays at 9:00AM EST or 12:00PM EST. First coaching call takes place on January 22, 2020.
join re-ignite Your ambition and you will get these bonuses!  
LIVE guest speaker Dr. Alyson Byrne 
Dr. Byrne has a Ph.D from Queens University and is currently a business professor at Memorial University. Her research is focused on women and leadership. Her work has been published in The Leadership Quarterly and Harvard Business Review. Dr. Byrne will be live in our course where you can ask her any question about the evidence around gender and leadership.  
extra 1:1 Coaching to secure your action plan 
You will have access to my calendar and can book up to four 30 minute private coaching sessions at any time during the program for extra support.
This is your chance to start creating opportunities for yourself and to stop waiting around for things to change. 
Personal Branding Bootcamp
Register by May 26 and you will get Personal Branding Bootcamp for FREE! This is a $397 value, but you have to register by May 27. 
i believe in this program so much, that i am happy to offer a money back  guarantee
if you are not 100% satisfied.
I am confident in this model, and I believe 100% that it can work for you. If you can demonstrate that you have done all of the work, and you feel like you received no value, I will happily offer you a refund within 30 days of purchase. 
registration is open until June 6, 2019.
re-ignite your ambition
Regular price:
$1,497 CAD
8 Coaching Videos
Workbook and Journal
Evidence Based Articles
Eight live group coaching calls
Bonus #1: Live guest speaker: Dr. Alyson Byrne
Bonus #2: Four 1:1 coaching sessions
Ongoing Feedback
You will get the confidence to find advocates for yourself and get the opportunities you deserve. You'll be doing your part to close the gender gap and make the workplace better for the next generation. 
happy clients
I started feeling like a valuable asset at work and have more enthusiasm and motivation for what I do.
- KAte White, harmonic fund services

I asked for a promotion and got it.
- Jaclyn Tomlinson, pcl construction

My outlook has dramatically changed for the better. 
- paskwa mutunga
This course taught me to reflect on the things that are important to me, and what I really want to get out of my career. Andrea encouraged me to get curious about how my goals and my big picture fit with my organization. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone more often, it’s moving me forward and I’m getting recognized by the organization as an up and coming leader. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to play bigger, be a leader and create opportunities for themselves.
- Jayne Aspell, PCL Construction

Andrea is a welcome trailblazer who helps organizations understand diversity and inclusion in our society today, and more specifically in our own companies.
- KEvin Skinner, Vice President PCL Construction
You'll be able to see the big picture, embrace the politics and be strategic in your career. Doors will open and you'll become a role model for other women. 
Madelaine is feeling more confident and is attracting bigger opportunities after participating in one of my programs.
registration is open until June 6, 2019
re-ignite your ambition
Regular price:
$1,497 CAD
8 Coaching Videos
Workbook and Journal
Evidence Based Articles
Eight live group coaching calls
Bonus #1: Live guest speaker: Dr. Alyson Byrne
Bonus #2: Four 1:1 coaching sessions
Ongoing Feedback
You will feel confident finding advocates to help you get the opportunities you deserve. You'll feel more ambitious and you'll become a role model for others. 
Your decision
Are you ready to be more ambitious for yourself and the people around you?
I want you to feel fulfilled, I want you to feel challenged, I want you to move forward, and I want you to have an impact in your organization. I want you to feel ambitious and I want you to love your career. I want you to thrive professionally and I want you to be a role model. I want you to be able to take action and do something that will actually make the workplace better for yourself, the women you work with and the women coming up behind you. 

In order to experience these things, you need to take action. 
Do you have a plan to put yourself out there?

Do you have a plan to create opportunities for yourself?

Do you have a plan to leverage relationships, manage risk, play the politics and ask for what you want? 

I would be honoured to help you figure this out. I would love to connect with you in my coaching program. 

The gender gap is a big and complicated issue. However, you have a decision to make. You can wait around for someone else to figure it out, or you make make the decision to start taking action today. You can learn about the issues and you can start doing something in your organization that will benefit you and the women you work with. 

Yours in Ambition, 


Re-ignite YOUR AMBItion
This is your chance to start creating opportunities for yourself, and stop waiting around for things to change. 
I'm not in a formal leadership role, can I still participate. 
YES! I believe that leadership doesn't have a title or a job description. Everyone has the opportunity to influence others and be a role model. If you are ready to invest in yourself and take action, you can definitely participate. 
I'm already doing a leadership training course, will this be redundant?  
This program is grounded in coaching principles, which means it's all about self-reflection and taking action. This course includes topics that are typically not covered in traditional leadership training, like embracing politics, and finding a sponsor. Past clients have taken my program at the same time as a traditional leadership course and found it complimentary. 
What if I miss the group coaching calls? 

Sometimes last minute things come up and you may have to miss one (or more) of the coaching calls. Work happens and I totally understand! This is why there are two options to choose from each week, if you can't make either, you can book a 1:1 coaching session with me to make it up. for the summer session you get an extra month to book your 1:1 sessions, to accommodate vacation schedules.  
this is your chance to truly re-ignite your ambition and Do your part to close the gender gap. 
registration is open until June 6, 2019.
re-ignite your ambition
Regular price:
$1,497 CAD
8 Coaching Videos
Workbook and Journal
Evidence Based Articles
Eight live group coaching calls
Bonus #1: Live guest speaker: Dr. Alyson Byrne
Bonus #2: Four 1:1 coaching sessions
Ongoing Feedback
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