Owning your ambition: Women’s Coaching Program

Are you ready to strive for bigger projects, ask for a seat at the table, and put your hand up for more challenging assignments and bigger positions in your career?  

Our coaching programs cover everything that traditional leadership training doesn’t cover, the stuff nobody talks about that gets in the way from women playing big in their careers. We unpack what drives our ambition and we find ways to fuel it. We explore what holds us back and we develop strategies to overcome these barriers.

The Power of Conflict at Work

Water cooler gossip, being afraid to speak up, workplace bullying and abrasive leadership. This is what conflict looks like at work. Teams become disengaged. People aren’t committed. No one feels accountable. Business results suffer.
Learn what you can do to start embracing conflict in your organization. When you do, amazing things can happen. People are more committed and aligned. Trust Increases. Frustration and stress is reduced. Employee engagement improves. Organizations get results. Content is delivered through an interactive workshop with follow up group or individual coaching.

Professional Coaching for Individuals

Stepping into a leadership position. Becoming a better communicator. Striving to meet a stretch goal. Finding joy at work. Supporting high potential employees.

Clients meet 1:1 with their coach for real time leadership development. Grounded with business goals, clients gain an understanding of what they need to do and how they can support their team to drive business results. Action takes place right away and results are measured throughout the program. Coaching takes place virtually over a 3 or 6 month period.

Career Coaching

Feeling stuck? Living for the weekend? Overwhelmed with the idea of new getting a new job?

Clients meet 1:1 with their coach to explore what’s next in their career. Whether it’s developing strategies to find joy within your current role, or preparing for a job search we support you through the entire process. Our programs are customized and can include: developing a plan, creating a resume, networking strategies and interview preparation. Coaching takes place virtually over a 1 or 3 month period.

I’m more confident, I can speak my mind and my role in the organization was validated. The coaching I received not only impacted me, it impacted the people who I work with on the board and throughout the organization.

Board Member

Not for profit organization

Coaching has changed one board members life. It has helped give him more competence and action.

Executive Director

Not for profit organization