There is a need for women specific leadership development

Gender diversity in leadership is an elephant sized problem here in Canada and around the world. Men and women want to solve this problem, but there is no easy solution. Last year I was at a conference on diversity and I kept hearing the same thing: I want to hire more women, but women are not applying for senior leadership positions.  

A lot of women see leadership roles as a burden and don’t put their name forward for more challenging assignments. Many women (⅔ of Canadians aged 35-45) even say no when leadership positions are offered to them. How are we supposed to close this gap when so many of us aren’t even open to the idea of stepping up?

Policy makers, employers, business leaders, the education system, government, families – each of these stakeholders has a role to play in solving this problem. But instead of waiting for them to figure it out I’m doing my part right now. I’ve designed these programs to help women understand what drives their ambition, to find ways to fuel it and to overcome what gets in the way.

Re-ignite your Ambition online coaching program

For women who want to recognize their ambition and strive for more in their careers.

In this 8 week course we will:

  • Unpack what drives our ambition and find ways to fuel it
  • Explore what holds us back
  • Develop strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Create a network of women that will last beyond the length of this course

Re-ignite your Ambition Workshop

Are you ready to strive for bigger projects, ask for a seat at the table, and put your hand up for more challenging assignments and bigger positions in your career?  

Re-ignite Your Ambition is an interactive workshop that addresses leadership opportunities and challenges that are unique to women. The workshop specifically addresses the harm induced when we fail to recognize our own potential.

During this session…

  • We will unpack what drives our ambition and find ways to fuel it;
  • We will explore what holds us back; and
  • We will develop strategies to overcome these barriers.

You will leave the session with…

  • A better understanding of your own capabilities;
  • An ability to see the bigger picture; and
  • Strategies to fuel your ambition.

Workshop Options

  • 1.5 hour session includes: Defining what ambition means to me and exploring how self-doubt gets in the way and how to overcome it.
  • 3 hour session includes: all of above + exploring how getting stuck in the grind holds us back and how to get out of the grind.
  • Full day session includes: all of above + the myth of doing it all. We will explore what  crucial aspects you need to take on, what you can get help with and how to find advocates inside and outside of your organization.

Drive Your Ambition: Intensive Coaching Program

Drive Your Ambition is an intensive 3 month group coaching program for women who want to recognize their ambition and strive for more in their careers.  

There are three elements to the program:

Professional Coaching:

It’s easy to tell women to be confident, to follow their ambitions, to speak up and advocate for themselves. Talking about women’s leadership opportunities is a great way to start closing the gender gap. Doing something about it is even better. We explore possibilities, we develop strategies to overcome barriers, we unpack the politics and  define what ambition really means. Coaching turns talk into action and creates accountability. 


We create accountability by supporting each other to take action on what we are learning. We use real life examples to bring the curriculum to life. This shared experience creates a foundation for relationships to last beyond the end of the program. Although each member is very unique, many experience the same challenges.


We cover everything that traditional leadership training doesn’t cover. This includes the hard stuff that gets in the way from playing big in your career.

Topics Include:

    • What drives your ambition and how does it fit within your current organization?
    • Stretching yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.
    • Setting boundaries and learning what to say no to so you can say yes to the most important things.
    • Leaning into your fear so that you can use it to serve you.
    • Managing self-doubt and the inner critic.
    • Stop the self-sabotage and set yourself up to succeed.
    • Why engaging in conflict at work is a good thing.
    • The big picture: Owning your career and owning your ambition. How to navigate your ambition with your partners, your company’s, your bosses and your family. 
    • My advocates: mentors, sponsors, friends, allies. Who are these people? How do I find them and how do I nurture them?
    • Just be you: Finding your voice, understanding your strengths and building your personal brand.

Logistics: The program is 6 months long

  • Week 1: 1.5 day in-person workshop
  • Weeks 2-23: Bi-weekly 2 hour coaching calls via Zoom.
  • Week 24: 1.5 day in-person workshop

After the Drive your Ambition program you can expect to:

  • Own and feel proud of your ambition, have a plan to fuel it for the long term
  • Feel more confident taking on bigger assignments, using your voice and sharing your opinion  
  • Understand the politics and have a strategy to navigate them  
  • Not be held back by fear, self-sabotage and self doubt
  • Understand how your role fits into the big picture  
  • Own your influence and use it to make an impact
  • Set goals for yourself and have a realistic plan to achieve them

Curious about learning more?

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Women in Canada are losing their ambition

When it comes to their career, 45 percent say they’re somewhat ambitious, 17 percent are very ambitious, and 38 percent say not really or not at all.

Nearly 2/3 of Canadian women aged 35-45 would not take their boss’ job if offered.

“I hate to say this, but I think ambition might be a younger woman’s game. I wish I had pushed myself more at the start of my career. I had a vague desire to be partner, but I didn’t kill myself in order to get there… Now I have no idea how I could possibly take on more work, and the trade off in my time and sanity doesn’t seem worth it.”

Nicole, 41, Canada

Chatelaine Magazine Survey 2017, women aged 35-45

The symptoms vs. the cause

41% of Canadian women said obligations to kids stop them from being more ambitious.

31% said that lack of opportunities holds them back.

These are symptoms of the problem. There are two underlying causes that are holding women back:

  • Women still need to recognize and value their own potential.
  • Lack of confidence, fear of failure and lack of desire are the other things that hold them back.

We don’t address these issues in professional settings.

I’m empowered, I’m confident, I’m valued and I’m heard.


I’m more confident, I can speak my mind and my role in the organization was validated. The coaching I received not only impacted me, it impacted the people who I work with on the board and throughout the organization.

Board Member

Not for profit organization

I used to be intimidated by successful women, now I’m inspired.